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Our call are based on instant market movement. If the money and risk is not managed correctly, then traders and short term investors can land up in losses. We are not responsible for any losses that can occur due to volatility and stop loss violation. I do not have any personal positions any time on the recommendation made for the intra-day calls. However, it is possible that our Live Market Calls subscriber's could have positions and trading positions without our knowledge and consent. We also don’t have any control on our client reverse positions if they have created against our recommendation. Individual traders, implementers of the trading call are doing it at their own risk. We also don’t have any control on our subscriber's positions. Traders are advised to check their cost in long and short trades and keep taking profits irrespective of our targets. What matter is trading profits therefore check cost and keep taking profits.Past Performance mentioned on Performance page is our past performance for the mentioned months.It doesnt assure the same profit in future.

Traders are requested to follow strict stoploss in trading in our calls and always trade in each and every call with equal quantity to earn from our calls.

Trading is not Gambling.Learn to Loose.Always Trade with protective Stop-Loss.Never Over-Trade.Trade with Clear Mind.Don’t Try to Predict the Future.Accept Losses as a cost of doing Business. Always Be In the Market.Most Important how to Exit , not more Important how you Enter it.Trade what you See, not what you Think… ...Trading is a journey of Self-Discovery...

By registering to our website and registering trial form client agrees to receive all sms alerts on his/her mobile either dnd or non dnd number.

"All disputes are subject to Agra jurisdiction only."

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